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Developing new ministries to intentionally engage the lost and see lives transformed and mobilized with the body of Christ on His mission.


Church Planting:

"The vigorous, continual planting of new congregationa is the single most crucial strategy for 1) the numerial growth of the Body of Christ in any city, and 2) the continual corporate renewal and revival of the existing churches in a city. Nothing else-- not crusades, outreach programs, para-church ministries, growing mega-churches, congregational consulting, nor church renewal processes--will have the consistant impact of dynamic, extensive church planting."           -Tim Keller


The NCC's current church plant is Home Church , Lakeville, MN

Home Church's Vision: We are imperfect people loving imperfect people, while following Jesus’ model of grace, growth, and giving.


Ethnic Ministries:

The world is coming to America.  We have been given the amazing opportunity to share Christ outside of our ethnicity just by crossing the street.  The NCC desires to take full advantage of this God given gift.


The NCC’s newest ethnic ministry is Mision Christiana Bethel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are currently partnering with Mision Christiana Bethel of Minneapolis, MN in birthing a daughter church whose focus is the Hispanic population on the south side of Milwaukee.



Compassion Ministries: 

The NCC shares God’s compassion for the “least of these”.  Two of our current compassion ministries are CityLifeWorks and the CHAP Store.



CLW is a place where partners come together to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the urban community.  All physical assistance is offered with three goals in mind 1) Show the individual their worth  2) Develop relationships of trust and 3) Earn the right to share Christ with individuals as the ultimate answer to their needs.  CityLifeWorks currently employs various ministry tools such as bi-weekly food and clothing distributions, Light of Jordan Café, Youth Ministry, Women’s Bible Study, etc. For more information on this ministry and ways you or your church can get involved, contact Mark Klemme at


The CHAP Store (Caring, Helping And Providing)

The CHAP Store, located in Burnsville MN, exists  to help meet the natural needs of the community by providing food, clothing, furniture and household goods at no-to-low cost.  CHAP Store employees and volunteers also provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of their guests by showing them the healing love of Jesus through caring service, personal prayer and corporate worship open to all each day at 9:30 am.  For more information on this ministry and ways you or your church can get involved go to

The Village in Waterville

"A place to go, a place to grow."

The Village is a community center that also serves as a retreat venue. Dan and Carrie Guarrero head up  this outreach ministry in the community of Waterville, MN. There are many events, such as: Movie Nights, Food distribution, Community Game Nights, Youth Night and Spiritual studies. Besides serving the local community, The Village also hosts overnight retreats.


Central School of Ministry

CSM is a a three-year program comprised of three blocks of classes each year.

Our program is based on a unique 30-hour academic load and is focused on spiritual formation and practical ministry skills. It is not an accredited program at this time. Rather, it is intentionally designed to be highly-impactful, affordable, and applicable for students to grow in Christ-likeness, transferable ministry skills and meaningful relationships.

For more information go to the CSM website at: or contact the Dean - Rev. Jeremy Kochendorfer at:





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