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C O M P A S S   
M I N I S T R I E S 


Our desire for Compass Ministries is that the Lord would raise up kingdom laborers through our community that seek to know Christ and making him known. We believe that the key to fruitfulness in ministry is simply learning how to abide in Christ. It is through absolute surrender to Jesus that God is able to “put us on like a glove” and make himself known through our lives. Our goal is to produce biblically equipped and competent ministry leaders who are humble, knowing that they can do nothing on their own, and are dependent on Christ in all things. Our hope for our students is that they would first seek intimate relationship with the Father and then minister out of the overflow of God’s love for them in Christ Jesus.  



  • To engage and equip young adults who desire to be intentional about living in community and doing missional ministry together.

  • To raise up the next generation of church leaders who embrace a God-centered priority, employ a Christ-centered paradigm and are empowered by a Spiritcentered practice.


  • Compass- right orientation with God  (Discipleship in Community & EC Gatherings)

  • Compassion - right orientation with man (EC Internships & Appenticeships)

  • Passion - right fit for fruitful ministry (EC Credentialing & Deployment)


  • Great Salvation/Full Salvation/Holiness

  • Servanthood -Armor Bearer

  • The Word - Acts 2:42

  • The Body of Christ - Community

  • Apprenticeships - Working Together

  • Relational and Personal

  • Training over a degree

  • Calling over a career

  • Affordability


  • Affordable room & board assistance

  • Student Expectations

    • Involvement in and EC gathering​

    • Weekly life group participation

    • EC Internship/Apprenticeships/Ministry



Jonathan & Amanda Nelson

Girl's Dorm Parents:

Josh & Sarah Prescher

Boy's Dorm Parents

Tyler & Meghan Rust

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